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DJ Terence

Don't Let The Party Stop!

DJ Terence 



Responsive: DJ Terence is always here to answer your questions. Planning one of the biggest days of your life can be stressful. Terence takes your planning seriously, whether by text, e-mail, or phone call, Terence will be there for you! 


Your Vision: DJ Terence will work with you to help bring the vision of your wedding/event to reality. Don't settle for someone who doesn't care about your vision. One of the biggest days of your life is meant to be memorable and amazing. Let's dream together and make your day even more special! 


Personality: DJ Terence has a caring personality and wants to see the best possible outcome for your event. It is because of his personality, he'll do everything in his power to ensure your event is going to plan. If an issue does come about, Terence will find the proper solution.