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DJ Terence 2023 Update

DJ Terence, a well-known DJ in Ohio, has some exciting updates for his fans in the upcoming months. From hosting karaoke and DJ nights to debuting at new venues, DJ Terence has a lot in store for many communities in northwest and west central Ohio. 

Firstly, DJ Terence will host a series of events at The Boardwalk Grill in Celina, Ohio. These events include Karaoke/DJ Nights, Trivia, and Open Mic Nights. The Boardwalk Grill is a popular spot in Celina, known for its great food and drinks. The karaoke and DJ nights will be an excellent opportunity for locals to showcase their talents, while the trivia nights will be a fun way to challenge their knowledge. The open mic nights will allow aspiring musicians and artists to showcase their skills.

Next, DJ Terence will return to two of his regular venues in May. The Rustic Cafe and Sloopy's are popular hangouts in Ohio, known for their great food and live music. DJ Terence has played at both venues in the past and is part of his monthly events. 

In addition to his regular venues, DJ Terence will also be debuting at two new spots in Ohio. The first is The Bombshelter in Gladorf, Ohio, where he performs at Karl's going-away party.

DJ Terence will debut at the second new venue, the Ten Pin Lounge at The DRC in Delphos, Ohio. The Ten Pin Lounge is part of some rebranding by the Kill brothers, who recently purchased the bowling alley from long-time proprietors Bruce and Lisa. DJ Terence wishes Bruce and Lisa the best and thanks them for all the fantastic times he has had at the bowling alley. 

In addition to his regular events, Pla-Mor Lanes, 1820 BrewWerks, and The Sycamore Lake Winery are geared up with trivia nights hosted by DJ Terence all summer long.

In conclusion, DJ Terence has a lot in store for his fans in Ohio. From hosting karaoke and DJ nights to debuting at new venues, there are plenty of opportunities to catch him in action. Whether you're a fan of karaoke, trivia, open mic nights, or live music, there's something for everyone in DJ Terence's lineup. 

DJ Terence, first and foremost, appreciates these venues and those who come to hang out during these events. 

If you're interested in booking DJ Terence for your next event, whether a wedding, birthday party or corporate event, now is the time to do it. 

See you soon! 
DJ Terence